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"The flavours are very rich and delicious. It's really not easy to find these types of dishes anywhere in Singapore, and I'm glad I was able to find them here at Jacob's! Thanks!"

- Ms. Ng Joon Lin of ABBA Consulting Pte Ltd, Singapore


"My wife and I have visited Jacob's many times, despite the distance from where we live! I particularly love German food, so the sauerkraut, German sausage and of course the pork knuckles are my top picks."

- Alex Har, Retired, Singapore


"I really enjoyed myself! There are a lot of great dishes on the menu, and it very nice inside the restaurant as well. I'd recommend Jacob's to other Japanese visitors."

- Keiji-san, Japan


"One of the best Western cuisine experiences I've had in Singapore!"

- Torres Christian, French, Airline Pilot of Scoot Airline, Singapore


"We like to come to Jacob's when our company has events. Our employees love the food, and always finish everything that's served."

- Paul Teo, Managing Director of Speedmark Transportation, Singapore